Private Pilot Course

       21 Day

Provided you work full time until the completion of your certificate you can have your Private Pilot Certificate in three weeks.  We will dedicate one instructor to work with you all day every day until completion.  In the event that we can’t fly because of weather, we will do ground instruction all day and fly two or three times the next day.  The average student will complete this certificate with 45 hours of flight time.   Note: To solo you will need at least a third class medical and a student pilot certificate, and your written exam must be completed before taking this course.

Collin C.

Pricing Includes

      Course fee

      Ground & flight instruction 

      Piper Warrior  -  45 hours                    

Total $ 12,300 - $ 13,275

Happy pilot 
Alec S. and DPE after successful check ride!

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