Multi-Engine add-on

Pricing Includes

      Course fee

      Ground & Flight instruction 

      Partenavia P68 -  9 hours 

      Redbird LD SIM - 5 hours                    ​

Total $5,555

       3 Day add-on

            Add-on to PPL,COMM or CFI

This can be a Multi-engine Add-on to your Private or Commercial Certificate.  We will cover VMC, single engine performance considerations and the more complex systems of a multi-engine airplane If you have an instrument rating already you will want to get your Multi-engine rating with instrument privileges.  We will help you complete this important part of your rating as well. Provided you work full time until the completion of your certificate you can have your Multi-engine rating in three days.    Note:  there are no prerequisites for this rating.

Guy Freeman MEI
Jarrad A.
Jim Jacobson instructor

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