Instrument Course

       IFR 10 Day

Provided you work full time until the completion of your certificate you can have your Instrument Rating in ten days.  We will dedicate one instructor to work with you all day every day until competition.  Weather is not an issue with this rating.  If we have cloudy skies you will be experiencing actual conditions for your training.  The best time to experience actual conditions is with an instructor and not alone for the first time.  The average student will complete this certificate with 20 hours of flight time.   Requirements:  third class medical, instrument written completed and 40 hours PIC cross country time. 

Collin C.
Under the hood

Pricing Includes

      Course fee

      Ground & flight instruction 

      Piper Warrior  -  15 hours 

      SIM  -  20 hours                   

Total $ 8,225

Using the Redbird SIM

       Redbird LD Simulator AATD

We use our immersive Redbird LD SIM for a good portion of your Instrument training, Saving you money by going over preliminary training in a relaxed environment where the instructor can stop and reset the maneuver. Mastering the simulator will greatly improve your success in the air. and getting better hands-on training

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