Multi-Engine Instructor add-on

Pricing Includes

      Course fee

      Ground & Flight instruction 

      Partenavia P68 -  8 hours 


    Total $4,760

       3 Day add-on  

            Add-on to ME, COMM or CFI

With the shortage of flight instructors, there is an even greater need for Multi-Engine instructors. The knowledge you will gain as a Multi-Engine instructor will serve you well in more complex aircraft, as well as being able to share your knowledge and skills with your students. This rating can be used as your initial flight instructor rating. If you hold a CFI, CFI-I & a MEI, you will be a more marketable instructor. Note:  Prerequisites are commercial Multi-Engine certificate, Instrument rating, and a minimum of a 3rd class FAA medical.


Guy Freeman MEI
Partenavia P68c
Jim Jacobson MEI & Adam S.

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