CFI, CFII or MEI Initial Course - 10 day

This is one of our specialties that we have been doing for years. We have successfully signed off over 250 successful CFI applicants. It’s a great way to solidify your aviation skills. The first 3 days are ground instruction. We will teach you how to successfully get the material across to your students. We thoroughly cover the Fundamentals of Instruction, Pilot Endorsements and how to correctly do lesson plans as well as fine tuning your teaching skills. 


Note:  Prerequisites are Instrument rating, hold a commercial certificate and a minimum of a 3rd class medical.​

Kyle W. after his check ride

Pricing Includes

      Course fee CFI, CFII

      Ground & Flight instruction 

      Piper Warrior  -  10 hours                    

     Total $ 7,350 

      Course fee MEI

      Ground & Flight instruction 

      Partenavia P68  -  10 hours                    

     Total $ 8,550 

Jackson B. passing his CFI check ride
Jim Jacobson and new CFI Tim B. 

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